ProperTconnect LLC Property Management Services:


Our property management services goal is to take the stress of daily management, up-keep, and maintenance off the owner.


Management services include but are not limited to:


Move in Preparation

  • Coordination of cleaning, painting and other services required to prepare the unit for occupancy


Records and Accounting

  • We will quartly and annually record and report all income, fees and expenses to owner.


Tenant communications

  • We will handle all day to day tenant interactions. Calls, texts, emails etc.


 Rent Collection

  • We will collect all rent for owners transfer to owner.



  • We have contractors on call to handle the day to day. Owners will be required to give permission for all projects.



  • All services performed are in compliance with the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance and any relevant local laws


Annual fee for our property management services is one month’s rent prorated month to month payable by the owner. 







In Partnership with Thornton Properties